Minister orders release of Faisal

The latest update on the Cogilent Solutions case, and the false arrest and detainment of their CEO, is that the Minister of IT and Telecom, Mr. Owais Leghari, has ordered that the CEO, Faisal Chohan, be released from custody. Here is an Urdu news snippet about this from the Jang newspaper:

Orders for release of Cogilent CEO
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It’s a case of “too little too late”, but at least the issue was highlighted enough to reach the Prime Minister and have solid decisions taken against those who made the mistake. I hope that these decisions are followed through instead of being forgotten after a while and that a repeat of this doesn’t happen to anyone again.

One thought on “Minister orders release of Faisal

  1. Great News!

    mr.mumtaz did contact me personally via emails and shared his feelings. What I see that he might not like to work in Pakistan anymore. If it happens then it’s really shame for us and for IT industry.

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