Unrelenting Rain

It’s been a slow (news) week so don’t have much to say, though I myself am as busy as ever. What better to write about than weather? It has been raining, almost continuously, for three days now and everything is cold and wet. For a change, Islamabad is somehow reminding me of a typical day in London. Maybe it’s because the city is starting to show signs of development or it could be that I’m just getting out a lot less and am associating these rainy experiences with those in my memory.

I’ve pretty much stopped paying attention to the car so it’s a lot of bother to drive in these conditions. The frame of the car is again filled with rainwater, seeping in from God knows where. The windows fog up very fast since I haven’t been cleaning them myself (I’m very thorough when I do) and the heater doesn’t work. I tried driving with the air conditioner on to get rid of the moisture, but it didn’t help much. Imagine driving at night with only enough visibility to see the lights of the car ahead. What a comfort while on a fast highway.

In a surprise move, McDonalds opened here a few days ago in a corner of F-9 Park. I like the “developed” look that a structure like this presents, but if only they had the vision to extend the shade further so people can enjoy the open air even while it’s raining. The food wasn’t very good which begs the question of why these establishments differ so much across cities, or even within twin-cities. Maybe I’ve lost the ability to appreciate normal tastes after eating at the likes of “Monal” and “Gun Smoke”.

I would disagree with the statement that there isn’t much to write about. Just that I’m working on too many other things at the moment and seem not to be able to find time to think, let alone put the thoughts into words. Hopefully, I can complete all the queued tasks soon and concentrate more on blogging. And maybe get some sleep.