Darkness in central part of the capital

It has been almost 3 hours since the power failure and we still have no clue when it will be back up. I’m in the office which is located in F-7, one of the hippest and upscale areas of the nation’s capital, yet it has been in darkness for what seems like ages. The WAPDA (the national power monopoly) persons at first denied any knowledge of the outage and then said it’ll be fixed in 25 minutes. Still nothing.

Though the shops and businesses in this area are but a fraction of the total economy and the losses would be nothing significant in the overall scheme of things, if this is the state of the best part of the capital, I can only imagine what people in other areas would be going through.

These power shortages, coupled with the abundance of wind and solar energy would make Pakistan an ideal place to kickoff renewable energy projects. I should start looking into these.

This office has its own generator which at least keeps my laptop and the Internet connection running, but it can’t support the air conditioners or heavy systems and it won’t run forever. Hope the power is restored soon.

3 thoughts on “Darkness in central part of the capital

  1. The power returned just after I made this post. I bask in the glory of the premise that they were waiting for the next update to my RSS feed. Or is that just due to the bright fluorescent lights? 🙂

  2. Really sad to see that this power crisis is taking its toll all over the country. We are still far behind in basic infrastructure where major cities of country lack power and water supply.

  3. It’s not just PAK suffering power outrages. I had a night with no power in the UK’s most industrialised city. Very rare though.

    Pakistan would be a great place for solar energy. Not to sure on Wind though. What I would love to see is Pakistan taking the lead and developing a local solar industry. What I would hate to see is paying foreign firms to install technology to utilise our natural resources. Of course we can then export.

    Can just imagine sitting on a manja, solar panel on roof connected to a 802.11 AP connecting to some remote network/node with a yagi antenna.

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