Free proxy sites

Thanks to my addiction to grabbing any good domains that I find available, I now have a total of six free anonymous proxy websites, though have hardly any traffic on some of them. Haven’t had much time to promote them or work on the interface either (as you might notice, they mostly use the same template, but with different color schemes). Here’s the full list for all of you who might be able to make use of them:

For those people whose access to these might be blocked, (based on the server’s IP) I have relocated them to a new server that I just got. It has slightly better connectivity and should perform well. Let me know if you find anything wrong with them or have any suggestions.

14 thoughts on “Free proxy sites

  1. Nice proxies! On the first one, the adsense ads aren’t centered in Firefox though, just FYI.

  2. i need chinese proxys but dont find anywhere anyone have any link to get chinese proxy?

  3. none of these work they have all been banned can you please find me one that will get me into bebo??!!!

  4. dude use ultra software to surf…….or use invisible browsing……even u can use easy-hide software…
    use some software as they proxify you and bypass the router or iron port……
    haapppy orkuting….

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