DDoS attack on hosting provider

Some of you may have noticed that my sites were unavailable since last night. I was typing a blog post last night when this server that is hosting my sites stopped responding. Digging a bit deeper, I found out that the whole net block which my server is a part of, was unreacheable. The hosting service’s website wasn’t opening either so I assumed that it must be some major issue with their infrastructure.

The good thing about Cari.net is that they keep you informed of such things, unlike other cheaper services. This morning, an email from them was waiting in my mailbox, explaining how one of the sites hosted with them suffered a denial of service attack and this affected my server as well. They also listed the precautionary measures they are taking to prevent this from happening again.

Hmm, I doubt it’ll happen again, but just in case, I should come up with a redundancy solution for this server as well (I’m already doing it for my other server, which is hosted with a cheaper, less reliable service).