Lal Masjid war zone

Just felt a large explosion. Troops stormed the Red Mosque complex in the wee hours of today and a full-scale operation is now underway after negotiations broke down. Though we might never know what is actually happening, it seems that 23 militants have been captured and at least 40 militants are reported to be killed in the assault while about 20 children have managed to escape unharmed.

It’s a bit strange to think that there is a war zone barely 4kms from where I’m comfortably sitting, with no noticeable signs of the operations apart from the occasional gunfire and the shockwave of an explosion. I have also heard that all major hospitals and medicals centers have a large military presence and the wounded and the dead are continuously being brought in.

Islamabad Metblogs has excellent and up-to-date coverage of whatever is happening. This should be over by the end of the day though I hope that no more innocent lives are lost and that all those responsible for this dark chapter in this otherwise peaceful city’s history are brought to justice.

2 thoughts on “Lal Masjid war zone

  1. Thanks for the mention. Dude, didn’t know you were from Isb! Nice, there are so few bloggers from Isb.

  2. Thousands of children, women and man were chopped by the our Brave, corougeous and bold Pak Army. Bravo, what the choped mess of flesh and bones for Pak Army.

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