Suspension from hosting service

My blog was down for the last few days and the reason was pretty silly. Apparently, somebody had misused one of the web services running on my site to try to send spam and the hosting service simply suspended my account without even telling me.

It took a long online discussion with their support and a phone call to resolve the issue and bring the server back online. Any of the services that could be abused have been removed/reconfigured and this kind of thing shouldn’t happen again.

It also taught me a few lessons about redundancy. Firstly, I shouldn’t have been relying on a single server be the main DNS and control center for all of my domains.

Secondly, any test sites or services that could be abused should have been elsewhere and all data should have been mirrored for minimum outage at such times. Needless to say, this is something I’m doing from now on.

One thought on “Suspension from hosting service

  1. Lesson #2: Never put all of your eggs in one basket. For DNS, make sure your servers are slaved to a hidden master not offering any web services. Provides security against such issues.

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