Pakistan rated least stable emerging market

According to this article on the Economist (thanks Victor), Pakistan has been rated the least stable of 24 emerging markets, behind Iran and Nigeria of all countries.

political risk index

And the article does give the reason for placing it at the bottom:

Uncertainty over Pakistan’s political future, the country goes to the polls on October 6th, keeps it at the bottom. Iran and Nigeria vie with it for vulnerability to surprises.

And that really is a concern. I and the team are right in the middle of a few critical changes to the services we’re planning and must be able to work without interruption. However, another crippling strike and more, likely violent, demonstrations in the capital are planned for tomorrow, the day of the presidential election.

I don’t quite understand what issue the lawyers and politicians have now (besides not having enough power or money). Things are being done according to the law and if they still have objections, they should voice them properly instead of bringing everything to a grinding halt. Can’t we for once just work together for the good of the country instead of creating trouble?

On the positive side, at least Pakistan is now listed as an emerging market.

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  1. Indeed it is sad to see the political disturbance in the country. I dont know why we have same old corrupt faces in the parliament and higher positions. Even after 60 years, we couldnt get rid of them. May God give us enough courage to get rid of these criminals for good.

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