Updating Ubuntu for daylight savings time

Wasim Baig thankfully posted a link to the updated tzdata file that includes the updates for Pakistan Standard Time (PKST). You can get it here:


If you’re using Ubuntu Linux, updating the system is a simple procedure, just extract the file for Asia and run zic:

 wget ftp://elsie.nci.nih.gov/pub/tzdata2008c.tar.gz tar xzf tzdata2008c.tar.gz asia zic asia

That’ll update the timezone data and you can verify it by checking your system time/date. The timezone will show up as PKST instead of PKT.

7 thoughts on “Updating Ubuntu for daylight savings time

  1. Should’ve payed more attention to this the first time. Looked at my system clock today and thought “boi im an hour early”

  2. There’s something werid going on. When i used to comment before, the page would refresh automatically and i would see my comment but now i have to refresh it manually to see my comment.

    Time to move to web 2.05

  3. This step is no longer required for Ubuntu. They released an update of the “tzdata” package a few days ago which contains this fix.

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