Eid Mubarak without the network

It’s been one of those controversial Eid celebrations with new announcements at the eleventh hour (literally). With so many Muslim countries relying on scientific data and avoiding the pitfalls of human error, it’s frustrating to have to go through this so often. On the positive side, at least the whole country celebrated it on the same day for once.

Nonetheless, Happy Eid to all and hope you got to enjoy the best of it. Eid is usually a time of struggling to get back to the normal routine after a month of fasting (which I dearly miss at this time) and is usually spent sleeping and getting really bored. But not this time.

I hardly got enough sleep, let alone extra sleep. There were just so many friends to meet, things to do. The ever-growing list of contacts kept me quite busy with greeting SMSs and phone calls. Mobile network issues always surface at such times and I even developed a conspiracy theory about these (something about maximizing the windfall profits by confusing people and introducing unnecessary delays).

Compounding the network issues, the BlackBerry developed a weird “busy” issue that slowed the device to a crawl and kept draining the juice every couple of hours. But that wasn’t all. The laptop has started to freeze up as well and won’t let me finish my sent….

One thought on “Eid Mubarak without the network

  1. Believe me. Its the unoptimized network that causes your issues. Nothing to do with any conspiracy 🙂 we only hope people were that capable!

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