A year since Benazir assassination

Benazir Bhutto

December 27th, 2007, was a fateful day in the history of this country. Whether you were a supporter of the Pakistan People’s Party or not, the death of its charismatic leader, Benazir Bhutto, has no doubt changed the fate of this nation.

A number of her followers mourned her death and the PPP government, which came to power mainly due to sympathy votes after the assassination, has declared the day as a national holiday. This honor was not even given to Liaquat Ali Khan, Pakistan’s first Prime Minister who was gunned down at the exact same spot that Benazir was. Even the State Bank has announced that it is issuing a 10 rupee coin in her name with her image on it.

Teeth Maestro has posted an interesting and detailed article about the circumstances surrounding Benazir’s death and why we still have no clue as to who was responsible for it. One day we may know, but for now all one can do is witness the consequences.

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