The great electronic genocide

It may have been an awful April Fool’s day prank, but someone went way overboard this time. It happened sometime Thursday morning, probably during the morning power outage, when a thief cut away and stole the electrical cables running to my house.

The 12, meter-long strips of thick and valuable copper wiring must have gotten them a couple days worth of meals, or more likely, a day’s fix of hard drugs. However, it ended up costing me a lot more than the hassle of putting in new connections.

If lost productivity and income wasn’t enough, by nighttime, all my equipment had been fried, probably when the electrician was starting the repairs. The deceased included a UPS that powered my ONT, my PC, the beloved LCD, the new speakers, a network switch, a wireless access point and most disturbingly, my laptop charger.

Needless to say, I was left completely stranded and was only able to get back online after buying a new laptop charger and getting the DSL connection back up. Fiber is still down and so is everything else.

If I’m lucky, I’ll only need to replace the adapters and get done with small repairs. Else, there’s going to be a huge hole burnt into my pocket.