Zorlu wind farm in Thatta

Was quite surprised to see an inauguration ceremony of a new wind farm project in Thatta, Sindh, by a Turkish company (apparently with the help of the Chinese).

The farm will initially produce 50 megawatts of electricity and can be scaled up to 250 megawatts at a later stage. That alone won’t be enough to meet the country’s needs, but at least it’s something.

Such a move was predicted by people when the power rates skyrocketed last year. It was said that the rates had been increased by the government to enable third-parties to come in and provide kickbacks through the fat, juicy contracts.

This may just be a conspiracy theory, but even if the corruption angle is true, at least we’re getting a cool wind farm and another step forward in moving towards alternative energy technology.

5 thoughts on “Zorlu wind farm in Thatta

  1. really appreciate it, finally our govt realized abt utilizing the winds for producing electricity

  2. I am anxiously waiting for the day when solar and wind generated electric power becomes available for homes at relatively affordable cost.

  3. ye site bht achi ha muje really ye site bht achi lagi ha,,,,,, Good workthanxxxxxxx Admin

  4. i vary happy at this type project astablished in thatta .i will intrest in .

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