4 thoughts on “Company Name

  1. Hey Sajjad,

    I was just thinking of making a Pak… branch as well. How about http://www.mailorderpakistan.com. I am sure we can order alot from Pakistan….at here to Japan. How about those telephone guys. I am sure they will find a good market around

    Its quite late here shooting trouble on a windoze. It would be nice if you would learn the basic of using an msn massager or something like that. I am sure we can chat. I am online most of the time in the morning. Let me know about the time and I will start my messenger for you, so we can chat

    I still owe you an apology




  2. Hey Asmat,
    Let’s talk more about this. My “massager” ID is “gH0stXman at hotmail.com”. Yahoo is “sajjadz” and AOL is “zaidijp”.
    I should post this info up. Get in touch with me soon. I’m sure there is a huge market for massagers somewhere. 🙂

  3. Sajjad,
    I am glad you are using the massager…How does it feel? Please fix the time and I will be there for you. I dont know what time you wake up??If you let me know about your official and non-official hours, I am sure we can arrange something
    Talk to you soon

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