3 thoughts on “Pakistani Government and Linux

  1. I don’t see anywhere where you explain what your company is to do. I’d really like to hear about it if you have the time to explain it.

  2. Hi Bob. I’m trying not to talk too much about it until everything is sorted out. All I can say right now is that it will be closely related to Linux.
    Expect to see a detailed blog entry once I have something ready.

  3. Hi there Sajjad,

    Glad to hear about your company. I was just wondering if you would need a windows sys admin since you probably would be the only Red Head admin in your Entire North Pakistan and Afghanistan.
    Its good you are doing fine. My business is ready as well. I will give you the URL in a week time. I really dont want you to look at it now—keeping in view lovely BANG-WIDTH.
    I will write you more. I still have to call you. Havent been able to go to Ike-fu-kuro. Keep updating. At least I know whats going on in your life. You dont have to know about mine anyway.

    I will send you a mail with more later

    For now



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