Free Instant Messaging with Jabber

When Yahoo upgraded their protocol a couple of weeks ago, my Gaim instant messaging client stopped working until I upgraded to version 0.70. But before the upgrade, I decided to try out Jabber, an open source protocol that is well supported by many clients on different platforms. Unfortunately, Gaim kept crashing whenever I tried to register (right now, you can only register from within a client) and none of the other Linux clients worked. Must have been something related to my ISP.

Anyway, the Gaim upgrade worked fine with Yahoo and I didn’t bother with Jabber again until now. As of yesterday, I can’t connect to MSN through Gaim because of their protocol upgrade. Since they are also implementing licensing in addition to security features, it’s unlikely I’ll ever get to use it again (not that I’m unhappy about it, good riddance I say), so just tried to register for a Jabber ID and was successful this time.

Also got Sufyan to register so besides Jim, I have one more person in my contact list. About 90% of my contacts were through MSN so I guess it’ll be empty for a while. Others are urged to switch to this as well.

My Jabber ID: sajjadz (at)
My Jabber Clients: Gaim, PSI
More clients here:
Jabber Servers:

Hope to see you in my list soon.

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