NaSCon 03

The software competition, which I had a stall in, is finally over. I had spent most of the last couple of weeks preparing for it, though the outcome was still below my level of satisfaction. Because of some stupid last minute change of plans, we ended up in a remote corner of Marriot hotel’s ball room and started later than we expected.

The brochures that I had ordered turned out to be a disappointment. Bad color output and alignment and not the correct size. The triangular sign board I had envisaged became a 6 feet tall monster that is a pain to move around and most of the presentation plans, such as running different distros were scrapped due to the lack of interest by the visitors.

I didn’t even put up the banners which were supposed to have a tux in one corner and our logo in the other. In place of the cute penguin was painted a cross between a monkey and a toad and it looked like someone had wiped their nose where the logo was supposed to be. I could have done *much* better myself.

On the whole, the event was a success. The advertisement we sent in for the event guide looked great and a handful of people did show some interest, but it was still depressing to have people ask if iinix was a new software or have a bunch of students ask a dozen irrelevant questions in 5 seconds.

Better luck next time. At least I got to see the Matrix Reloaded because of it.