Armed Robbery in F-7

I was around the Jinnah Super Market area this afternoon when I heard a bunch of shopkeepers pointing towards the mobile phone shops on the center’s northern edge and discussing what had happened. What I gathered from the discussions was that there had been an armed robbery there just a while ago.

Apparently, the robbers took a bunch of cell phones and did a lot of damage to the shop, but failed to take all the booty because their car didn’t start. Then they tried to make their getaway in a taxi cab, but were caught somewhere near G-10, quite a distance from the scene of the crime. They must have really bad luck.

Also, this must be the first time I’ve heard of the Capital’s police doing something useful instead of harassing law-abiding citizens. I’ll know more details tomorrow, but if they really did have a hand in apprehending them they have my appreciation.

One thought on “Armed Robbery in F-7

  1. aah well poor police ppl ! .. they had to catch them .. must have interrupted their nap 😛

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