Blogshares Billionaire

Due to increased trading during the last couple of weeks, my total worth on the Blogshares fantasy stock market has gone way over a billion dollars. As of now, my cash balance is almost 8 billion blogshare dollars and total worth is around 13 billion. Plus I own around 40 artefacts (which alone cost me about 10 billion). These I’ll try to use once there’s more cash balance.

As good as that sounds, I feel that most of the initial fun of trading has disappeared. The worth of the market just keeps growing, contrary to real world theories of finance. The traders keep getting richer without anyone getting poorer and making fantasy dollars is now just a matter of clicking away as much as you can. Despite having billions, I’m still going in and out of the top 100 players list.

My trades are simply based on finding the top 100 most expensive blogs that are available to buy. Then buying more of the same to push the price up until no shares are left. Then I have to wait 6 hours before I can sell all at the inflated price and make a profit. It’s become a simple clicking game and I wish there was more randomness involved, but it is still addictive.

Maybe I should hire a “clicker” to do all the monkey work and bring me back into the top 50 player’s club. What then? Maybe I can buy up important blogs and gift the shares to the owners. If only I could get a thousand (or even a hundred) real dollars for every billion of blogshare money.