Another Mosque Bombing in Karachi

Heard about this second bombing in under a month through BBC’s “Breaking News” alert on Monday. When I realised that the mosque in question was the one right near my in-laws’ house, I immediately called them. Luckily, everyone in the family is ok though a lot of people that my wife or her family knew were killed.

The bomb was powerful enough to do a lot of damage to the mosque as well as kill about 20 people and injure many more. It’s a weird feeling to know that something like this has happened so close to home and at a place I’ve prayed in.

Apparently the authorities were also pretty hard on the mourners the next day instead of doing something about all this violence. Now, the police chief of Karachi is being transferred, but I wonder how that will improve the situation. Two mosque bombings in a month and killing of a preacher on Sunday. When will all this stop?