Dancom Online

Today was my third day at Dancom Online Services, a broadband company, as Asst. Manager Systems. Now most of you know that I have my own setup, iinix Solutions, which came to life just over a year ago. It is still alive and kicking (though not on the scale that I imagined it would be after a year) and I still play a part in it, but due to personal reasons, I decided to take the opportunity to try something different (and admittedly something that puts food on the table).

I’ve worked in three software related companies and know the ins and outs of system administration, but I have never been exposed to a setup involving networking on the scale of even a small ISP. This will give me a chance to learn something about that as well as network with other professionals which I haven’t been able to do in Pakistan otherwise.

Looking at the last three days (and the hectic, growing-ISP routine aside), I’m quite impressed with how well Dancom is functioning and growing. Most of the people I’ve met are technically very competent and hard working, everyone gets along nicely and things are actually quite organized, something rare in Pakistan. For the first time since I joined Vanguard, I feel like a lesser mortal compared to my fellow workers.