Net Connection Woes

If you can read this, my Internet connections, or at least one of them, are/is back up. While I’m writing this, I’m cut off from the rest of the online world. Firstly, because our web proxy, which uses a dialup connection for uploads and downloads data through a satellite dish, overheated last night and refuses to boot. It could be a case of a fried processor, but no time to confirm that now. I’m still working on replacing it with another machine which needs a new kernel and lots of DVB card configuration.

Secondly, our trusty DSL connection has been down since this morning. The DSL providor claims it is a serious problem with our telephone exchange, but I’m not entirely sure it’s just the exchange’s problem. Feels really awkward when you can’t even Google for the problem you’re trying to fix.

One thought on “Net Connection Woes

  1. The new satellite web proxy server is up and running. It took a lot of work, more than I thought, but it’s working. The DSL connection also seems stable for now, but all this just proves the existence of Murphy’s Law.

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