Car Crash

Just isn’t my time. I left for my office last night after having the iftari (evening post-fast meal) and as soon as I got on the main road, a truck hit the side of my car from behind. Yes, one of those tall, colorful trucks that so amuse you foreigners, but are probably the most dangerous thing on Pakistani roads.

The car spun around, hit the kerb and flipped over while the truck didn’t even bother to slow down and escaped. I had to crawl out of the shattered side window, but luckily didn’t get so much as a scratch on me (or my suit). Thank God for that.

In these situations, I have to say that Pakistanis are extremely helpful. Passers-by noted the truck’s number and notified the police. Later they also turned the car right side up. Almost all my close friends arrived right away and got to doing the required legal paperwork. Thanks guys.

I have no ideas what the damages will amount to or if the truck driver will ever be caught, but it really hurts to know that this happened right after I had spend a huge sum of money and lots of time getting the car in a proper shape.

4 thoughts on “Car Crash

  1. Yeah, I’m just fine, but it’s going to cost me. The car’s insurance, something quite uncommon and too much of a hassle for most people in Pakistan, expired earlier this year. Still, I’m glad it was the car that was wrecked and not one of my body parts.

  2. sory to hear about the accident and the car. the good part is you came out unscratched and can buy a new one. 🙂

    Many prayers for you save your life everyday. You just dont know it.

    And these i hate em..they expire just before the accident. It happened with my uncle too.

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