Bush the Victor

Well he did it. The elections looked pretty clean so I guess from now on, most of the American public will be at least partly responsible for whatever Dubya does during the next four years of his presidency. Not like the last four years with people claiming that they didn’t elect him.

It was pretty exciting to follow the results though. On election day (night in Pakistan) even the local channels were just focusing on the elections and discussing the various outcomes. They were also a hot topic of discussion among ordinary people who usually just discuss how bad the Great Satan is and ignore the internal politics involved.

So much for all those “get Bush out of the office” campaigns. One thing that the talk shows did discuss was that whoever got to the oval office, things are unlikely to change dramatically in Iraq and other places. The US PATRIOT act has caused a lot of controversy and could still be abolished and some of Kerry’s ideas on foreign policy weren’t much better than Bush’s. One can always hope for the better.

3 thoughts on “Bush the Victor

  1. While 51% is “most” and there’s no excuse, 48% is still a lot of people who are not responsible for him. I suppose that’s no consolation to the rest of the world, though.


  2. Hi David,

    Good to hear from you. It’s true that it would be wrong to blame the other 48% (+ 1% of Nader votes), but I’m really surprised at the 51%. How can such a large group of people overlook all the things that have gone wrong in the last couple of years? How can they ignore all the protests and demonstrations that continued around the world?

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