Just had an earthquake. Not that big, but pretty big for Islamabad. They’re not as common here as in places like Japan, but the buildings aren’t designed to withstand much more than a minor tremor. Almost all houses are constructed from simple brick and cement with concrete only being used for the ceilings and in larger buildings.

Hope it wasn’t any worse in the Northern Areas or Peshawar and its surroundings, which is where the epicenter of most quakes lies. The unusual amount of snow up north is bad enough.

Update: 04:54 PKT The epicenter was in Tajikistan and the earthquake had a magnituted of 5.9. I’m surprised Tajikistan is so close to Pakistan.

2 thoughts on “Earthquake

  1. I felt the earthquake in Lahore too. Was pretty scary. Never felt one before. Seemed like a train was coming, and then all of a sudden, the whole house shook. I had to hide under the covers so I wouldn’t scream outloud for mommy. 😛

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