The “Just Lose It” Competition

Found this while reading Live from Yokohama. The Eminem competition was to ring someone you know and make them “just lose it”. The two linked mp3s are of an Aussie girl’s call to her father who really does “lose it”:

I don’t know, but it looked like the dad got too mad too quickly over a simple speeding ticket. My dad didn’t “lose it” even when called to tell him about my car crash. Maybe speeding (or doing anything wrong with your car) is a bigger issue down under. “Under-speeding” is what you should be worried about when in Pakistan.:)

One thought on “The “Just Lose It” Competition

  1. Nah ot’s not a bigger issue downunder. Maybe her Dad is a bit anal about things like that.

    (BTW there is no speed limit in the Northern Territory I believe)

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