Snow in Pindi

A strange thing happened last night. I was driving home through Rawalpindi after attending the 10th Muharram (Ashura) mourning and everyone was commenting on how cold and rainy it is. There’s been some snowfall on the tips of Margalla Hills that cradle Islamabad, but I’ve never seen it come down to the capital, let alone Pindi which is just south of it and devoid of much vegetation. People have said that it snowed in Islamabad over 20 years ago, but I wasn’t here to witness it.

Back to the car ride. Imagine my surprise when right after I muttered something along the lines of “I wish it snowed instead”, something white started to fall out of the sky together with the rain. At first I was worried that it’s hail (pretty common here), but instead of the distinct sound of stone hitting glass, there was a splotch and a squishy sound, followed by a few more.

It was only after I got home and saw the news alert that it was confirmed. There had been snowfall in Pindi yet strangely none in Islamabad. Ali, my cousin, joked that had I wished for something even better, I would have gotten it.

As I was discussing with Majed this morning, just a couple more years and we should have full snowfalls in Islamabad. So much for global warming (not disputing it, just observing the effects here). Actually, Islamabad is having hotter and hotter summers so there is something strange going on. Maybe we are heading for another ice age. Not that I would be very disappointed. Remember, I love snow and my favorite sport is snowboarding which I haven’t been able to do for a while.

2 thoughts on “Snow in Pindi

  1. Well, pindi isn’t the only place. here in uk, the summers are also getting incredibly hot and winters very wet and cold. like going to extremes on both ends. It was so hot in summer last july that i could have compared to the weather in pakistan. I mean when u have to use fans in london summer that means it is hot, very hot.

  2. its scary that it snowed in pindi. on the other hand its nice. i love snow. last monday in london was the best snowfall. and yes it is gettin hot here in the summer. i need to spend my summer in pakistan. anyway we’re coming closer and closer to The Day Of Qayama’! there are many signs such as snowfall in pindi is strange. peace.

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