Slackware 10.1 is out

Just noticed the announcement yesterday and promptly started the bittorrent download though haven’t tried it out yet. Upgrading to it might solve the problems I’m having with my personal PC. Things as simple as “less” have started acting pretty weird after numerous power outages.

“Highlights of the 10.1 release include the Linux 2.4.29 kernel (with Linux 2.6.10 as an alternate choice in /testing), X11R6.8.1 from X.Org, Mozilla 1.7.5, KDE 3.3.2, and Xfce 4.2.0. For a complete list of changes since Slackware 10.0, check out the Slackware 10.1 ChangeLog.”

Interesting that 2.6 still isn’t the default kernel. One of the things I like about Slackware is that the default software is pretty much upto date, yet stable. And they don’t take much risk with critical things like the kernel.

Get the torrents for the ISO images here:

Or use one of the mirrors:

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  1. Hey…I found your name on and was told that you were the person to contact in order to get Linux Distributions on CD. Can you please confirm whether you can help in this matter, or know of somewhere in Islamabad/Pindi where I may be able to get Linux Distributions?

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