The bright side of Pakistan

Someone sent me a link to this news blog with comments along the lines of “no strikes, agitation, long marches or bad news. Just good news”. It really is nice to see something positive about this country:

Something I’ve noticed since coming here is that things have improved a lot and are constantly improving in most places. Though it might not be best to let your guard down, the security situation is much better and there haven’t been any big incidents in a while.

At least in and around the big cities, there’s lots of development going on. There is cut-throat competition between mobile carriers which has made communications very easy. Technology is fast becoming affordable for the masses and the quality of IT professionals seems to be improving. There’s even talk of an “Internet City” though it must still be in initial stages.

Just hope the traffic situation improves soon.

4 thoughts on “The bright side of Pakistan

  1. the inet city is being made in collaboration with the one in Dubai.. or so i was told =)

    you can hope for better roads yeah… altho the traffic just keeps getting worse

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