Beam me some Metallica, Scotty

Here’s something that might come in handy when you want to punish one of your minions by making him listen to your singing without driving the others to rebellion. Naeem sent me this story about a soundless sound system, developed by Elwood Norris, an inventor who has also developed a flying scooter.

It claims that the “hyper sonic” sound can be “pointed” to any person, something like a torch light, without anyone but the person hearing it in their head. Sounds far-fetched doesn’t it? That’s why I’ll group it together with the perpetual motion machine invented by a Japanese musician and Dean Kamen’s overhyped “it” until I try it out myself.

Skepticism aside, I would like to see if this sounds anything like the other voices in my head. Can already imagine the possibilities of such a device. Much better and focused LAN gaming, power honks that teach those road hogs a lesson without annoying other drivers, speaker or mobile phones that preserve privacy without the need for bluetooth or other handsfree devices.

2 thoughts on “Beam me some Metallica, Scotty

  1. Can’t “beam me up, Scotty” no more. The Canadian actor has passed away. 🙁

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