Another big one

Just felt another earthquake in Islamabad. Though not as big as the 8th October quake, it felt stronger than any of its aftershocks did. It started off slowly, but soon the doors were rattling and it went on for quite long. There’s still nothing on the USGS Earthquake page or any of the news sites I monitor, but it must have had a magnitude of around 6.0.

I just hope it wasn’t as strong elsewhere and that no damage was done. It’s almost freezing just here in Islamabad so would be really cold elsewhere.

Though I found nothing on the news sites about this, I did find this story about a woman pulled out alive from the rubble in Muzaffarabad after being buried for 2 months. Quite amazing. I heard a similar story today about a man, though it might just be a distorted version of the same.

One thought on “Another big one

  1. Just got an update on the USGS page. It was a 6.7 quake with the epicenter in the Hindu Kush region of Afghanistan. Still no reports of damage.

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