Moblogging with a Warid connection

My first aim with the Nokia 6680 was to get GPRS working. I tried to make it work with both my Warid and Ufone connections, without success. I realized later that the Ufone connection didn’t even have GPRS enabled and that I would have to pay just to enable the service. I distinctly remember that I got GPRS on it some time back, but oh well. For Warid, I had to pay a visit to their customer service center and worked fine after that.

The plan I had in mind for moblogging was to write a Python module that accepts email from the phone, extracts the picture and updates it on the blog. However, this is Pakistan and I was forced to take another approach when I found out that Warid doesn’t even have an Internet gateway server that is required by email and other “mobile to net” applications.

What do you do in that case? Build a web-based solution. It’s still in the testing phases, but I’ll soon have a Pylogger module that uploads the pic I’ve taken and posts it on the blog. That reminds me, I should publish the current Pylogger that I’m using since there have been lots of modifications to it lately.