Mechanical Turk

Dave sent this link to the Mechanical Turk, a beta service from Amazon.

“Complete simple tasks that people do better than computers. And, get paid for it …..”

At about 60 cents an hour (assuming that you complete one task per minute), it really isn’t worth it, even for someone from a third world country, but it does look good for people/corporations wanting things done. Interesting concept.

2 thoughts on “Mechanical Turk

  1. The speaker suggested that some tasks, such as identifying which picture out of 7 contains a building, could be completed in seconds.

  2. Well, even assuming that you complete 10x as many tasks (10 tasks per minute), it still comes up to only $6 an hour. Not much, but then again, it would be better than doing the dishes or flipping burgers for the same amount.

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