Worst, Interview, Ever

I was recently approached by someone from a very big interesting company (won’t say which one, but virtually everyone knows and uses it) for an interesting position and scheduled a phone interview. First mistake, I confirmed the interview time after I misunderstood 11am PST as 11am “Pakistan Standard Time”. This after dealing with countless timezone issues on Linux/UNIX where PKT is always used and PST stands for “Pacific Standard Time”.

So it happened. I didn’t get a call at 11am PKT, as expected, and got it 13 hours later when I was stuck with a problem, half-awake and very grumpy, at a customer’s place and talking to someone else on the other phone. It went well at first, but the first two really simple programming and network questions totally blanked me and I couldn’t answer at all. Some Linux questions alone, that I answered correctly and without hesitation, saved me from utter embarrassment, but by then it was too late. I felt like kicking myself right after the interview when the answers suddenly dawned on me.

Here’s a hint for job hunters: always check and reconfirm the time for job interviews and be prepared. Be very prepared. Also consider switching to decimal time. 🙂

2 thoughts on “Worst, Interview, Ever

  1. Get in contact with them and tell them that you make a mistake with time and it was very later for you. If it would be possible for you to have a second interview when you are not so sleepy you think you might do much better.

    If they say no, you loose nothing. If they say yes and it goes badly, you loose nothing and get one more practice interview. If they say yes and it goes well then you win.

  2. Thanx Stuart. That’s exactly what I’ll do. Just that one interview was good in that I found out where I stood and what I was missing. I would be more prepared for the next one.

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