Pak Gulf Hotel and Mall

A couple of months ago, I heard a rumour that a huge hotel was going to be built on the green belt in front of the current PIMS (Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences) which is pretty much at the physical center of current day Islamabad.

Today, I saw the sketches of what the hotel and mall complex will look like after three years and they are very cool (couldn’t find the other one online):

Pak Gulf Hotel

My office is in the area right behind this so it would be a pretty awesome sight.

Currently, Islamabad’s biggest and most impressive structure is Faisal Mosque, built by the Saudis at the foothills of Margalla hills and visible as a dwarf in the above sketch. Then there are the government buildings, such as the Prime Minister’s secretariate and the Convention center, built by corrupt regimes to mimic the grandeur of the Moghul empire. But they seem nothing in comparison to this.

The thought of such a great structure in a place like Islamabad seems quite odd. This was once considered a quiet and peaceful little city (and still is by Lahoris and Karachiites) and I remember going for casual strolls as a young kid with my parents in the very same area the hotel will be built. There wasn’t even a road near the place which is currently the capital’s center.

Yet the main city’s design is such that it can’t grow very dense. That is, without some serious remodelling. Maybe this is a start in that direction. Guess will have to wait and see.

8 thoughts on “Pak Gulf Hotel and Mall

  1. I think this will be the best thing ever happend in islamabad since “Shah Faysal Mosque”
    Saf khan

  2. I m a student of ICMAP final . when I heard abt the pak gulf project I was amazing what it would be but now when I saw the snaps of the august building my happiness knew no bounds. this huge project on one hand is hopefully going to enhance the economic uprise in pakistan and on other hand it is likely to provide the attrctive employment opportunities to the young professionals .

  3. It’s a nice picture, for sure, but I think that some hard questions need to be asked: Who is going to stay there? What’s the (economic) draw to Islamabad? Is there one? (Excuse me, though, as I remember Islamabad was a ‘bed-room’ community void of any economy other than rich people paying their servants) Don’t you need to have a business equation that works? How will you supply electricity to this building? Don’t you guys still cut the power off from time to time, from town to town? Overall, I just don’t get it! Huge earthquakes, terrible flooding, devistating drought, and hundreds of thousands of your countrymen/woman/children, dying around you… and you say, “Hey, I got an idea… Let’s build a huge hotel”… additionally… “It’ll create some sweet jobs for us college graduates”.
    If Saudi gifts it, take the money, and do it! But really, don’t you guys think that Pakistan needs to plan for the future by managing the physical elements first? Doing so will be real progress, demand courage, ‘steps in the right direction…

  4. Please can anybody send me more information about pak-gulf project, if some 1 want to buy a flat or shop there , where suppose to contact.


  5. The Faisal mosque was built by turks right?
    And seriously, ive got to agree with PKT. I mean, in Pakistan, there are alot of other things that need to be addressed rather than building a huge hotel. Its great for the economy, and whatnot but what about the roads, and all those people dying in poverty!

  6. It brings a weave of happiness when we get to know about such massive projects in Pakistan. We need to bring more education and awareness to our people in order to build better and more properous Pakistan “one day”…InshaAllah

  7. the pict is beautiful.better universities should also b buit so that it should go forward in technology also,not just picnic spots and hotels.good educational institution are much more important than that the pakistani engineers should make buildings like this by there own.

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