Pakistan’s Mobile WiMax rollout

Was pretty surprised to see that Pakistan’s WiMax deployment plans made it to CNET and Slashdot. The rollout will be ahead of the US and possibly ahead of the rest of the world since we’re using the recently finalized, 802.16e standard. I guess it can’t be that impressive. After all, we are a “failed state“:).

Though Motowi4, mentioned in the article, is building the network for Wateen Telecom, Dancom Online Services, my employer, is aiming to be the first to actually deploy it and offer it as part of its broadband service. I’m starting to like my job more and more (yes, there is something else. Expect to read about it in a couple of weeks).

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  1. These are very interesting development. Can you help me answer a few questions? Does the spectrum for WiMax considered as licensed band in Pakistan? If someone interested in offering broadband over WiMax in Pakistan, does he need to get approval from the Telecom authority (for the service and usage of the spectrum)?


    From Malaysia

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