Dally in the Dark

Went to watch “Dally in the Dark” last night at the Islamabad Club, a play by Shah Sharabeel who has also done a number of other plays recently, like Moulin Rouge, You Only Marry Twice etc. (none of which I got to see). I gathered from Dee that it wasn’t the best or the funniest of his plays, but I still enjoyed it.

The play used a concept of reverse lighting, i.e. we saw everything during blackouts within the storyline, while it went pitch black for us when there was light. Though we were told to switch off our cell phones and any light sources to get the full effect of the darkness, the irritating little girl next to me was wearing a glow in the dark wristband which spoiled the “total darkness” for me.

The accents of the characters interested me a lot. Most of them were quite accurate imitations of snobbish, posh English, but one of the characters’ attempt at a German/Russian accent didn’t go too well. The hot maid, a.k.a Clea (damn, she was hot), kept switching between what seemed to be Jamaican and Indian accents as well as a third which I couldn’t recognize.

On the whole it was nice. I may go and watch it again and will definitely try to catch the next one.

3 thoughts on “Dally in the Dark

  1. you mean you were there last night?? damn..why didnt I spot you.. I was there too. :). Clea was definitely hot. Above all, the professionalism of all these young ppl was definitively impressive.

  2. Can u guys tell me the song’s name and the singer who sang the song which plays at the end of the play…when everyone is dancing on it.

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