Fear of Phobias

A friend asked me why I am so busy all the time. I thought about it and came to the conclusion that I suffer from a fear of boredom which causes me to seek for things to keep me busy. Just for fun, I tried searching if there was such a thing as a “fear of boredom” and found this page about different Phobias which lists Thaasophobia as one.

I’m surprised there are so many and such strange fears out there. Some, like Thaasophobia, are probably very common, but the others are really bizarre. Some interesting ones:

  • Arachibutyrophobia – Fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of one’s mouth
  • Bogyphobia – Fear of demons and goblins (duh)
  • Francophobia and Gallophobia – Hatred of France and French things (there’s more than one word for it? wow)
  • Geniophobia – Fear of chins (these are the girls who only date guys with goatees)
  • Hagiophobia – Fear of holy objects, holy people, and saints (damn vampires)
  • Levophobia – Fear of objects on the left side of the body (I guess these are the people who wear watches on the right wrist)
  • Logophobia – Fear of words
  • Onomatophobia – Fear of hearing a specific name, word, or phrase (reminds me of “Jahova” in “Life of Brian”)
  • Parthenophobia – Fear of virgins or young women (unbelievable!)
  • Philosophobia – Fear of philosophy or philosophers (if that includes poets, count me in)
  • Phobophobia – Fear of fear itself (the title of this post)
  • Poinephobia – Fear of many things (there’s a word for these people – cowards)
  • Politicophobia – Fear or dislike of politicians (that’s a common one)
  • Sitophobia or Cibophobia – Fear of food (these are the people who die in childhood)
  • Theatrophobia – Fear of theaters (is that you Mr. President?)

If I have a fear of work, does that make me eligible to run for president?