Earthquake blog posts

It seems that quite a few bloggers have posted their tributes to those that perished in last year’s quake. I seem to remember that there were only a handful of blogs that were actively posting updates about the tragedy. It’s good to see such an outpouring of thoughts and emotions one year onwards.

This page on Help Pakistan has a list of all the blogs that have commemorated the Pakistan Earthquake Blog Day:

Kudos to Dr. Alwi for setting up the site and making an effort to help the ones that need it.

2 thoughts on “Earthquake blog posts

  1. Hello Sajjad,

    I am a fan of your blog and try to visit it as often as I can. I was reviewing your blog today after a long time before I noticed this post about earthquake. well, being the first hand victom myself, I have started a new blog specially on this topic:

    Hope you and your readers would take some time to visit it and comment on my efforts.

    Best of luck and keep posting your best thoughts

    Khurram Shahzad Jaffery

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