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These days, a much bigger part of my day is spent on fixing the damage caused by spam. It isn’t that much of a hassle to remove the dozens of comment spams I get daily on this site, but it does take up valuable time. Even after my software nukes all URLs in the comments, it doesn’t take much for the spammers to post so the practice continues. I’ll simply add a few more measures to make it more painful for the spammers, but that’ll have to wait till I have time.

The real PITA is clearing the queue on the ISP’s mail server. The issue seems to be getting worse and worse by the day. It is quite normal to delete a couple of thousand spams during a single day and filtering only helps a little.

For a while, the biggest problem was rogue customers (ab)using the mail servers and spamming away or running open relays used to send out spam. Blocking all of their outgoing email was an effective way to reign in the culprits and stop the hideous practice, but then they shifted to temporary dialup accounts which made it impossible to detect and stop the spammers permanently. Some additional measures and a more vigilant watch on the mail has brought that under control as well, but now the focus has shifted to incoming spam.

The spammers and spam seem to be multiplying faster than we admins can fight them off and although we’re smarter (off course we are, somehow ;)), there are simply more of them around. They’re wealthier too.

This has now become a big enough issue for me to really concentrate on setting up a better email system which means I should get back to work. Wish me luck cos if I fail, I may just switch sides.

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  1. I can understand all that as I have been a witness of ISB mail server slow response and lots of spam. Wish you all the best in your endeavour to come up with a robust solution.

  2. and the interesting thing is this that i get almost 3 or 4 spams daily on my blog … i donno why they do it … no body gives a sh*t on them but still they have the guts to keep on sending these spams ,,, i guess there should be a law suit on them ,,,, a admin can only fight with them and cut his teeth all night to clear this issue up .. a test for admins and a nightmare for the person who is using some *spammed* service … any way good luck with you fight with em … ( a in mario brother ,,, these thing keep on comming 🙂

  3. Dear Sajjad,

    This is problem going on with Every One out there. I can recommend a great software to you and your readers, which effectively worked for me, and kills almost all spams I get.

    Moreover, if you can push your ISP to publish their SPF records, this can significantly reduce the spam numbers. You can find more information about SPF here:

    There is certainly a lot more your ISP can do then they are doing for you.

    With regards,

    Khurram Shahzad Jaffery

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