Not just a personal blog

When I started blogging roughly four years ago, it was just an extension of my personal website, like most other blogs, and something only my personal friends regularly visited. I would just post about the everyday things I experienced and technical stuff that I wouldn’t have to search for everytime I needed it.

Recent comments and replies to my posts (not to mention the increased traffic) have made me realize how it has matured into a more serious site with regular readers. I have realized that my opinions and comments now matter and I have to make an extra effort to remain impartial. This and keeping track of things happenings around me and the rest of the world is added responsibility on my part, but I’m glad this is so.

I would just like to thank all of my readers and will request that you keep the comments coming in. Thank you very much.

6 thoughts on “Not just a personal blog

  1. I think testing will be a booming field for Asia Pacific region in software industry.And Its going to rule the job trend in IT

  2. Hello,
    last night I was looking at the family pictures and I realized that we live in the era of the possibilities for example I can make a video phone call to the other side of the world and this makes me excited and I want to get more for my future, so more opportunities and more money. I am learning a new language but I don’t feel still sadisfied and I do regularly self learning too. I am interested in computers and I have made a website for my family (Gulp, it was difficult to find a g) but I think that I can also create them and sell them but I still have to pay all my monthly bill so I wanna think good about it. Wish me good luck.


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