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I just saw the title of a BBC section on tech blogs that I’ve been following closely. Tomorrow’s World used to be one of my favorite BBC programs on TV in my childhood and these blogs are just as interesting.

Most of the blogs are currently reporting on the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) that is being held in Las Vegas, as well as the Macworld Expo in San Francisco. The hottest topics are the release of Blu-Ray and HD-DVD storage formats and the keynote addresses by Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

Living in Pakistan, you lose track of most developments in bleeding edge technology. Though a lot of it eventually arrives here, I miss the days when I would be down in Akihabara every weekend and get a chance to actually try out stuff when it was still hot. It was also nice to have extra cash to spend on new toys.

The proximity and affordability factors aside, I’m not particularly impressed by what has counted as “new” or “revolutionary” technology the past couple of years. Where are the truly automated homes that we always dreamed about? New modes of transportation? Truly free sharing of information? It seems that we still have a long way to go before these become a reality.

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  1. I am a Pakistani and am proud of it. What hurts is the government’s attitude towards bloggers. I used to have a blog at blogspot but alas; they blocked the entire domain.

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