Another website for anonymous browsing

In my quest to design/create/borrow and then run as many sites as I can (both for curiosity’s sake and to try to make a difference), I’ve added another web-based browser or anonymous proxy if you want to call it that. Off course, calling it another ploy to make money from ads would also not be too inaccurate, though that isn’t as lucrative as it may seem.

I present to you, the web cruiser, a tool for browsing (or cruising) the Internet anonymously. Like most of my designs, the front page was just something I patched up together and experimented to see what caught my eye. I hope I can be forgiven for my designs being somewhat bad. I admit that this isn’t where my strength lies (at least not since I was a kid).

Web cruiser

As for the underlying tech, I have a good idea for a distributed system that I’ll implement depending on how successful this one is.

Let the “cruise” begin.