Meeting blues

An ex-boss of mine once said that it was much easier for him to code for 10 hours straight than sit in a 2-hour company meeting. Now I know exactly what he meant. Though it is something new and interesting to an excent, just sitting in one room with dozens of people from various departments and trying to come to a conclusion is pretty hard, mundane work. Especially if it lasts not 2 hours, but upto 8 or 9.

This becomes especially tough when you’re a person like me who usually can’t get enough sleep. Maybe it is just the way my brain is wired, but I tend to lose interest and start going into sleep mode if there are too many clueless people talking. Add to that the retarted attention spans that technology and the Internet have inflicted upon us, and you get a nice recipe for a terrible time.

3 thoughts on “Meeting blues

  1. hahahahha .. and i am very much aware of the fact that you can sleep during work 😉 or even during typing some commands even 🙂

    good old days hahaha

  2. Not exactly. This happens if you don’t get enough sleep, but i’ve managed to fix things a little lately. Besides, the meetings are too important to miss so must do whatever possible to stay awake.

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