The deadly mobile virus

In typical Pakistani fashion, here is another hoax that is causing fear and disarray among Pakistanis. This time it is a killer virus that rings your mobile number, appearing to come from a strange number such as “331m”, and emitting a deadly sound that will kill you instantly. We were just discussing the carnage this would cause if you switched your speakerphone on at the time of the call.

As with most hoaxes, there are confirmed reports of a death of a friend of a friend of a friend. Nobody actually knows a person who actually fell victim to the virus.

Please do not pick any call from any unknown number like 888 etc, as there is a virus in circulation targetting mobile users, resulting in severe ear damage. Two deaths are reported from lahore just now.

This was the first message I received about the killer virus. I got it yesterday evening from a very close friend. Then my uncle called from Lahore this morning, telling us to be extra careful and my mother was also extremely worried, forbidding me to attend any calls.

Finally, a simple Pakistani has outsmarted even the Pentagon and come up with an ingenious way to commit mass murder by the simple use of sound from the tiny speaker of your mobile. How brilliant. It is even smart enough to know that it is a mobile that is being called and not a land-line number. Else, we would have had piles of dead telephone operators and customer care people.

In the end however, the culprit may have been successful by causing unnecessary panic and God knows what losses due to people ignoring important calls. Ignorance rocks.

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  1. very true.. I guess R&AW is behind this
    this sounds like ‘The Ring’, but that was too slow as it took a week to kill the victims.
    but we Pakistanis are much more faster and brutal.
    Ignorance really rocks.

  2. well i must say thx to u for discussing..coz since morning i m receicing sms n do-take-precaution messeges from my near n dear ones.ranging from my kaam-wali masi to my aunts.well this is our dear pakistan wehere people just trsut rumours so easily that for a while their brain stop working.i completly agree with u..Ignorance rocks.
    well a frd just told me tht GEO tv is going to telecaste a report n this issue tonight.

  3. Phones off in fear of virus

    DASKA: Rumours of a ‘Red Virus’ that attacks mobile phones convinced thousands of phone users in Daska and Sambrial tehsils to switch off their mobiles on Tuesday. Several phone users told Daily Times that they had kept their phones switched off for the day after friends and relatives had warned them of the “deadly virus”. The virus was said to manifest in the form of a strange number, accompanied by a picture of a woman, calling mobile phones. Answering the phone was said to result in an explosion fatal to the person receiving the call. Residents of Daska and Sambrial said they had received such calls and immediately switched their phones off. A spokesman for a leading mobile phone operator dismissed the virus as a rumour. “No virus is attacking mobile phones,” said the spokesman. zawar hussain syed

  4. ‘Devil’ mobile phone calls spark panic in India

    BHUBANESWAR: Authorities moved on Tuesday to quash panic among mobile phone users in eastern India after a rumour that ‘devil calls’ from certain numbers have led to death and illness. People started turning off their handsets after a rumour swept Orissa state of phones exploding like bombs killing their owners when they answered the calls. The random ‘devil calls’ supposedly started on Sunday from phones with 11 to 14 digit numbers instead of the regular 10, said an official from India’s state-owned Bharat Sanchar Nigam phone company. “What I suspect is it could be the handiwork of vested interests to subsequently market anti-virus software for mobile phones. We will investigate,” said Sunil Agarwal, general manger of Bharat Sanchar Nigam in Bhubaneswar city. People in Orissa have told relatives and friends about other users becoming ill or even dying after receiving calls from mobile numbers with 11 to 14 digits. But a state government spokesman dismissed the story as rubbish. “We investigated and found out that no one was dead nor anybody taken ill. It was all rubbish,” the spokesman said. A mobile phone user in Bhubaneswar, who was not willing to be named, said he had received a call early Monday that flashed an eleven-digit number. The caller warned him to switch off his mobile. “The caller told me if I continue to receive calls on my cell I could be receiving (a) virus that could blow up my phone. Interestingly, when I called back the number, the service provider voice said no such number exists. I simply switched off the set,” he said. AFP

  5. well this seems to be strange to me..I got nws frm my frd he mentioned me few specific number..


    do’t ignore bcoz ignorence rock!

  6. Our Lord of worlds “ALLAH” said in quran, Before the day of judgement, a voice will appear, And that voice will ruin everything.
    I Think, if we produce a tune of specific frequency, that matches with our mind frequency. Then it will harm our mind, and our mind will stop working…..

  7. Actually we want proof. I want to meet the dead man, who died bcoz of a killer virus. That is not the solution of anything…
    Just Think, How to stop that virus.?
    He who invented that virus, Is not a genious peroson, but we produly said, He is Genious!!! AH So innocent we are.
    Can you tell me plz, Who Hacked all networks in pakistan. Is it possible? IF yes…Then it will produce a big change in our life…

  8. Dear Mobile Phone Users,
    When you are attending a meeting or else where, you do not want the cell phone bell to sound , you usually switch over your cell phone ringer to a vibrator, when call come cell phone vibrates in your pocket with a certain frequency, simmilarly if it is true this virus produces a specific frequency vibrations which damages the brain resulting in death of the user.

    Regards/ Shajee

  9. God knows ,how true it is .But to be on the safe side, precaustion could be taken.

    Wish all the mobile users safe life


  10. Allah knows the best.And I know He’ll make right decitions.All we can do is to pray for the long life of our families and ask forgivness.

  11. Please switch your mobile phones off till this virus stops.Its for your betterment.

  12. Please switch your mobile phones off till this virus stops.Its for your betterment.

  13. And I thought it [the virus] caused the cell phone circuitry to switch itself to emitting high frequency, ultra-intense radio waves capable of damaging brain cells quicker and far more surely than do the waves that come out of cell phones operating normally.

    Tongue-in-cheek, of course.

  14. I think this is a can want to damage operator services in Pakistan.

  15. apart frm physics i think thiz iz some intense frequency sound or wave dat directly hit da human nervous system nd dat iz maybe unbearable.

  16. As the mobile virus phobia is in vogue, last week a girl received a call from an unkown No and fell unconscious as she received an unkown voice threated her that she would die soon,,But later it came to know that the girl was frightened by her cousin, he just wanted to make a fun,,,,,,What is the truth behind it,,,,i really not know…/?

  17. Does any1 got update of this panic. I am in Saudia now but everybody is worried. I also get angry from my father as he told me to switch off my mobile. plz let me know.

  18. yes… it is true that virsu is around and we should be careful… i accepted this becaz one of our relatives son got this call… and he went outof senses.. took to hospital but nothing diagnosis…. took another locall hospital and he is still in hospitall… cellular companies should do something about it and make their systems protected from viruse… instead of saying that it is rumours… to save their business….

  19. KARACHI (Reuters)—Mobile service providers in Pakistan have been inundated by calls from subscribers worried by a prank message that they could die of a deadly virus being transmitted via their phones
    The rumor was so effective that some mosques in the country’s biggest city, Karachi, made announcements that people were being killed by a mobile virus and they should be aware of God’s wrath.

    In a prank reminiscent of the plot in the hit Hollywood movie “The Ring” in which people die within a week after watching a video, the prankster warned users that a deadly virus transmitted through phones had killed 20 people.

    There are more than 52 million mobile users among 160 million people in Pakistan.

    Farah Hussain, a spokeswoman for Warid Telecom, said that their customer service centers had been inundated with panicky subscribers inquiring about the so-called virus.

    The cellular operators moved to calm down subscribers and said in a joint statement: “These rumors are completely baseless. They do not make any sense in technological terms.”

  20. well i m visiting this website since 2 days.n i m amazed n shocked to see that even educated people are beleiving such nonsence and some really evel minded people are taking advantage of this innocence or i must say IGNORANCE.its my request tht being educated its our duty to clear the minds of our innocent people rather than spreading havoc.

  21. I am living in Afghanistan, Herat city the Latest update on the virus is that i heard that it killed two people in Kandahar city of Afghanistan and all the people of Kandahar and Herat are worried and they switched their phones off.

  22. Its the Frequency of the sound which is damaging the cells. watch out people

  23. i am in rahim yar khan and i came to about an injured woman who was brought to hospital due to attending a call her ear was damaged badly and was not able to speak (one of my friend saw her in hospital himself) allah sab thik kare amin

  24. Yeah hi….
    its been the third day since this so called hoax has been rendering its wrath upon the mobile fone users in Pakistan….

    Well i personally believe it might just be possible to generate a sonographic wave pattern which can suddenly destroy the ear drums and in phase two it can raise the blood pressure so high that the brain veins might burst in weak people….

    I believe that science has advanced so much and the people who are doin R & D in different fields have come up with stuff which for some ignorant ppl still cant believe it has happened. As some ppl still believe that man hasnt yet reached the MOON….

    well i think if that was the case then why is it refrained for expecting mothers not to undergo Ultra Sonographic tests….

    as there is a threat that it might harm the fetus….and we are talking of a body arent we…
    i dont mean to raise an alarm….

    but i would advise to be careful….
    as some ppl are saying that a new phenomina has started and that is that if such a call is not attended the fone blasts….well again it might be just possible to do that…as the agent that birsts is only the battery….

    so if high voltage is transmitted to the battery it might cause an effect…..thats why they say pls dont throw the battery in fire….

    Live well and love all the Creations of Allah the Almighty….and be very nice to the people around you…..

  25. holy shit =[ was just reading this shiz and my fone started ringing..scared the CRAP outta me =O
    was only my mom though =)

    peace x

  26. I agree that these are a sort of sound waves generated by any device and these can harm humans. BEAWARE

  27. I have not YET seen a stupid idea not feverishly adopted as truth by muslims! A year or two back there was a scare in Sudan… about a simmilar URBAN LEGEND: shaking hands with kuffar makes your penis disappear. There was a flurry, you guessed it, SMS messages and half of Sudan males worried abt. their “membars”!!!
    Or worse one here in Denmark: palestinian “refugee” here asked why he´s angry at Denmark – living allowance of $1,500 – free housing – free medical care etc. – things you can just DREAM ABOUT in Pakistan and all ISLAMIC WORLD -why-oh-why he hates us? The answer shows the same trend: muslims will believe any hair-brained, conspiratorial, paranoid drivel: “Well the UN gives each Palestianian $3,000/month and the bloody danish state takes half!”

  28. I have not yet seen sucha stupid precuistion, but to be on safe site, the precusition could be taken. but not this one…………………….


  29. It is all nonesonse, it doenst makes sense to produce any virus through signal to kill people and i am sure any kind of rude sound also doesnt affect on mind of a person but still i advice everyone for safe side put thier ring type to “light only” and dont answer with the ok button push any button instead.

  30. I want to say if it is truth or if it is lay The people must hold that number which he know donot hold the number which you donot know or if it is unknown number like now about four rings come to me but the number was unknown for me than i have rejected becuse thire was no need for me to attend the number ………………

  31. Please i will say the one that it is the reflex of our bad action if the people obey the stright way honestly Any knid of viruse will not race to me but the people became out of chart of Islam it is a kind of result of thire bad action .
    Worry only from the one whose Creat the world .donot worry from any viruse .

  32. Hi all,

    If you tell a person in the forestes of Africa that there exists a small box (mobile phone) through which you can talk to anywhere in the world ……

    For sure, He will say…”what a bullshit you are ? Hows that possible”

    same is the case here that so-called educated people that do not understand the physics, are trying to proove others a shit.

    I have presonally met with two of the victoms in last two days…Even one of them is a worker of my factory. can anybody tell me what happened to them If all this is just a rumer ??????

  33. so, it means that each kind of the problem and viruses are rising from pakistan.
    the same story is going on in kabul too. it could be a high waves whihc can damage the brain tissue, or couases irrigularies of heart beat.

  34. It was almost the 1:30am. May say mid night, a full lightness came to my room, and after a while I felt the foot sound of a man, he was as if he was made from brown stone, his face had angles. Just asked me come and join to us, we are leaving in other world, we are 100% modern the earth people we live in ……..(I forgot).so , I was thinking and arranging the question to pass him , at that time he touched me , I felt as an electric shock and cried Loudly hey help me hey ,
    He disappeared. And after 5or 6 minutes I have received a call it was already more then 12 -6 ex. (666666666666). I surprisely did ok. Again it was that man. And told me I will come next month at this time to you.
    I guess the man lives in any other world (star). And Allah has created more then 10000000 hearth and son and milk ways.

    I am here if any one has any question ………………………

    Zad daroooooooooo

  35. A man was chatting with me in my yahoo .messenger address …………
    Finally after 2 month he told that he loves me. He loves me. So he didn’t mentioned his address , and I couldn’t find , I didn’t tell him my address , once in a Friday night at 2:am I have received a call . there was not any number in the phone when I did okey , in my nokia phone set screen . appear a black naked man , he was loughing . u know my nokia phone set has not camera or vedio even its too difficult to insert any picture , it was continuing for a week . finally I went to a Mullah , he told me to kill any sheep ., after killing sheep , Thanks Good I didn’t see him ………………………………………………………….

  36. I can confirm the sababah’s comments i had this problem when i was with him in Hotel 2
    فکر کدی که کس نمیشناسیت هههههههههههههههههه

  37. Hi ppl..
    I must say that there seem to be some weight in the msg of WITH HELD,
    i guess u all have heard the term, “SOOR”
    it sure would be blown at the DOOMS DAY!
    but this can be one such small level sound Bomb!
    It still does not justify the laws of logic!!
    How can a samll speaker phone generate such a powerful Sound that can be fatal!
    How it activates the self distruct mode of a mobile, which even the mobile company has not featureD!
    one should not be superstitious yet he should be careful…
    caz if the Game of life is over, you cant restart!
    so take care …be care ful… n have faith that when it(DEATH) is to come it does not need a mobile phone as a carrier!!!

  38. Dear all,

    we should trust that the virus has been called many people i am mohd naeem working in afghnistan province of Mazar e sharif today two students died when they answer the telephone call this was the number 003330055

  39. Dear all,

    we should trust that the virus has been called many people i am mohd naeem working in afghnistan province of Mazar e sharif today two students died when they answer the telephone call this was the number 003330055

  40. well people i live in Lahore and whenever i receive a call from abroad, usually America (where my bf lives) i always get weird looking numbers, like 111000 or 1939 or something wacky like 098778722001 or whatever, and i always pick up!! Even after hearing about this virus i still attended a 111000999 number without a single doubt and came 2 know it was my aunt whose visiting india for a wedding! So people trust me, its all good, just chillax

  41. The frequances that a human ear can hear are between 20Hz to 20KHz. now the transducer(speaker)of a mobile can not create any thing deadly within those limits.
    nothing can be created to do damage to humans….
    its just strange rumors spread by people.

  42. Salam,
    Actually when we received that kind,s of news every one is affraid That is not right. we should have to face the matter bravelly.U r surprised that i also received that kind of call from a number 00919999712043 fortunately i was not near to mobile. But u all know one person invented that virus.We need one person who will find the solution of that virus . Everyone do that let,s start.I m also working on that but hopefully a person other than me will found it quickly.

    Allah Hafiz

  43. its not true
    but there is some thing coz
    i saw a boy near my town
    he got bleeding form his ear as he press ok for a misclenious call.
    but my study of mobile communication said its not
    so i am confused about this what the true is

  44. III think its just to disturbe the communicational services of Pakistan. I am also unhappy about that Media is not clearing this news. Television should play a great role to confirm thissss.

  45. people

    well this seems to be strange to me..I got nws frm my frd he mentioned me few specific number..


    do’t ignore bcoz ignorence rock!

  46. is it in pakisatn only or abroad also ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  47. Here are few educated people arguing the possibility of sound waves killing a person.

    For those who believe this virus is true.

    1.This virus doesnt exist any where in the world. A pakistani can not possibly create it, hack all mobile phone networks and spread it. Unbelievable.

    2. A mobile phone speaker (can not) produce such loud waves that can kill or damage human health.
    see the link i gave above.

    3. Some people say a cartoon appears on the phone along with the number of the caller. Can someone explain me how can that happen ? I will not get into the details of this as educated ones will know this is beyond imagination.

    4. All the cases i have heard are people with a friend whose cousine’s friend had died because of this virus. Why doesnt anyone record a video of the call he is getting or any solid proof to the death because of the so called virus ? WHY ?

    5. This is just another bullshit story made up by a pakistani to create a furure in pakistan. Similar to the text message u receive and at the end it is written if you don’t pass this to __ people, you will die. FUCK OFF ** i say to the person who sends me that kind of a message.
    I have never sent that type of message to 1 person and i am alhamduliah alive and kicking.

    6. What completely baffles me is that people are spreading this just for fun and educated ones in pakistan give reasons that sound waves can kill human beings. Yes they can ! but not instantly ! not with the volume that even the best mobile phone at the moment has. A nuclear explosion can damage ears and i can only laugh at those who think the sound of the mobile phone is greater than a nuclear explosion.

    7. If there was a virus in the cellular network of Pakistan, it would have been caught as they keep records of all calls going out from their numbers and network.

    8. I am desperately waiting to get the call of the virus. But not even one person in my whole KHANDAN has experienced such a call. But at the moment they are scared and not using their mobile phones.
    For those who are reading this, there is absolutely nothing of the virus that has created waves across the country.

    If you still dont believe me, dont pick up calls from unknown numbers but do use your mobile phone and dont get scared of using it. Death will come and as someone above rightly said, it doesn’t need a mobile phone as a carrier.

  48. Dear Saad Khawaja,

    Thank you for your excellent comment. I just wish the majority of our people saw it that way or gave some thought to common sense rather than believing all those silly things. It’s a sad fact that even “educated” (now that’s another arguable term) Pakistanis prefer to put their faith in the ridiculous rather than the truth.


  49. Ahem ahem
    as a software Quality assurance engineer i always belive there can be a bug.
    U all will be delighted to know tat the theory can be possible. The following paragraph is an extract from the Turbo C manual with method sound();

    /* Emits a 7-Hz tone for 10 seconds.

    True story: 7 Hz is the resonant frequency of a chicken’s skull cavity.
    This was determined empirically in Australia, where a new factory
    generating 7-Hz tones was located too close to a chicken ranch:
    When the factory started up, all the chickens died.

    Your PC may not be able to emit a 7-Hz tone.

    int main(void)


    Now what do the experts say. As much as my knowlegde tells me it Can be possible.

    After reading the rumor, a telecom person replied to this saying:

    “A normal nokia cell phone needs 2.7 V to stay active. If it is supplied more power than this then it would BURN out. Moreover, a male needs to run 10 V from its body to die and a female needs 7 V atleast to die. So, all of us are far on the safe side.”
    But a Bug finder i can say maybe There is a bug in some sets and they help in producing the sound or wave. Heck if it can kill chicken it can also effect us Human

    I hope i contributed in scaring the already cautioned viewers. Anyways see ur mobile manuals and get relaxed tat it cant get more frequency that 4. Relax.

  50. There was a breakingnews on indian tv showing some deaths and cases in India.
    Its a deadly threat. dont attend false calls

  51. I think the mobile companies should come forward with solid research based scientific reasons on the subject of Mobile virus and should highlight the facts whether it has any hazards for human health or not.Otherwise these companies will suffer most in terms of financial losses.

  52. Dear friends:

    I and my friends do not believe in this type of viruses,but recently same problem was done with my friends and he attended the unknown numbers but cleverly uphold the cell phone.therefore,his cell phone was badly demage with that number and Allah saved him in this manner.bye from peshawar

  53. Why isnt the media displaying the effects of the virus, i think that the mobile phone companies have bribbed them of not researching the this topic

  54. salam………this is a true….ye mera khayal nh bulke khaqeeqat..hai ye aap ki zindagi aur mout ka waqt hai ye # aap ki zindagi aur mout ka plz…b care full

  55. hey this a true story. i`m the direct victim of this. and i`m writing this mail from the hell.
    so switch off ur mobile and get rid of the hell

  56. i’m so sad to know that a deadly mobile virus has attacked our simple people. com on!!!!!! what a nonsense and rediculous rumour!!!!!……..we pakistanis are so simple that we don’t deserve at all to live in 21st century.
    i just gave a ring to one of my friends from England nd after a few hours another friend called me that he was not feeling well. when i tried to call him back to know if he is still alive, he didnt attend at all.
    how inteligent we are. being educated, we dont know whether it is technically possible that a mobile virus can cause death or any other danger to humans…….!!!? mobiles, like pcs may get infected by virus but it is never possible through voice calls. Again, a virus infected mobile or pc cause no harm to humans. please dont panic and dont make people laugh at you.

  57. Well, i m from Bangladesh and today we got a news like that. in our metropoliton area chittagong there some people dead by this kind of mobile virus. Some body says there number was 55555555555 and 11111111111 like that. i dont know is it true or false. But as a CIS student i can say that it is possibale to kill some one by making sound but i dont know that is it possibale by a mobile phone or not. nwyz what ever what is it just care urself and try to ignore reciving unknown strange number. Thank You.

  58. Hello,

    this is masud from bangladesh. This same incident is happened here also. we are very much tense about this. we already heard that 5 people has been died in our country. But our media totally opposed it. U know every body is fear about this. The number has been flashed like this format +0008+8+++. somebody says it cause Radiation of frequency. But as a science student i can assume that without chemical appearance Radiation can’t be possible.and frequency radiation is almost unfamiliar.

    so please confirm us if possible.


  59. I still not believe on this virus but i am working on this project
    so i am sure will get killer soon
    i am software engineer in Sparco lab hyderabad srtc

  60. Well being as a muslim let me tell u people that Our Life and death is in the hand of AL mighty Allah so why should we fear from such kinds of things ? Just Prove to Non Muslims ur Faith what will they think these Kufar ” Non Muslim” are musilms that much weak they might laugh upon us be brave and try to be strong and brave muslim and keep in touch in the worship of Allah

    he knows all
    Ahamd shah from Afghanistan

  61. omg, im like ttl mega freaked out now, as one of the guys leavin a comment wrote, in the holy quran, a dealy noice with cause havoc (not quite xactly in those words but..) then if wat they say is tru n it is in the quran, then mayb it is tru, c’mon i mean Allah created the world n its contents, dont u think he cn out master “tech pro’s” n create a killer sound. to b onest i thot it was crazy n very funi at 1st but after reading that im now concernd, they do say judgement day is round the corner!.mayb we shud look in the quran for answers n not ppl. guys i think we shud pray for frgivness n mayb a mobile phone ban! ps sorri for my text message typing, its a forced habit!!

  62. rite guyz, iv dun sum research, i asked sum1 bout this n they say a deadly sound will appear on judgment day, but it will b an xtremely loud sound, sorta like trumpets well ok i dont kno how to describe the sound but sorta like an oooohhh sound! it will burst ear drums 2 every1 at once, iv heard of this b4 but i think we shud mayb research a bit more cuz mayb both stories take part, bt best bet is to read the Quran it self n its meanings. if u do so, plz reply to this message by leaving a comment. when it cums 2 Islam never take 1 persons advise when u r unsure it is correct, alwayz ask others for their opinions on the matter, preferebly imams, molvies, durse etc

  63. There will be a loud sound of trumpet that the angel will blow on the day of judgement.

    It will not be equal to the volume of the mobile phone. It will be far far loud as compared to that.

    Get your facts right and read the quran before commenting on such a matter.

    Seems like the virus has gone for good but people in pakistan are still not coming out of this hoax.
    Why are we so interested in making our country a joke in front of the world ?

  64. Lets make an assumption if the rumor is true, that then why we did not hear many people have been killed in USA by terriost. Why only pakistani are dying of such phone virus.
    This make no sense that a person can be killed through a phone call.
    anyone who is talking about physics, does they have master MS or PHD in physics.
    If not then why are they talking about it.

  65. asalamu alaykum,

    I would still say, that best is not to use or atleast avoid using of Cell Phone for 15 days for safety point of view. I do understand and people have used this phenomina of saying a friend of friend of friend died of it. But yet, even if its not true, the better option is to be extra carefull. God forbid, if it is real then would one like to learn a lesson from others or untill and unless you have had the experiance yourself, you won’t learn? Thats my motive to learn from others and when it is needed have the experiance too, here i would say better to learn from others.


  67. Stop it guys!

    Its just an AFWAAH!!! an April Fool joke. Mobile have virus, but they can’t kill you very fast. Mobile Virus are just like Noise pollution.

    Again, this is the joke of some AnPar,Jahil,Bewaqoof and Ahmaq people. Its just like the AFWAAH of the earthquake, which spread so quickly last year.

    Your brother in Islam,
    Farooq Azam

  68. I m a student of SKANS School of Accountancy Blue Area ISLAMABAD and doing my ACCA.I think and have proof of it that the red mobile virus is true and it has caused alot of death.I personaly belongs to Nowshera(NWFP) and there we have alot of death cases reported in the last few days.My own friend Haseeb(Officer in PAK Secretariate Block B Islamabad mobile no 0332-9001991)is sufferd from this virus but thanks God that he had thrown his mobile set soon after he attend the call from an unknown no(0111321).According to him he heared a terrible sound and after that he felt that as if his brain is crashing.This is the experiance of just 3 sec.So i m requesting to all my brothers and sisters that plz don’t attend ang call erom any unknown no.And as it is in only in the Muslim Countries so i think it is the planing of Israil/America.Just think.My contect no is 0333-9239207.May pakistan remains forever (Aameen).

  69. Our Lord of worlds “ALLAH” said in quran, Before the day of judgement, a voice will appear, And that voice will ruin everything.
    As my brother earlier said if we produce a tune of specific frequency, that matches with our mind frequency. Then it will harm our mind, and our mind will stop working…..
    Why PTA government is tring to keep it secret.We personaly call them about this virus but they said that plz don’t attend any unknown no but on media they said that these all are all propogenda.Why they hiding this News?And it is true ……

    every one has the right to love his country and its people,but in few days our people are badly affected through a DEADY VIRUS,first i think it was just a propoganda but just now i prove it that such VIRUS exit when my friend was affected by it and now he is in hospital.
    but why its happening in PAKISTAN?
    and why its happening in AFGHANISTAN?
    This is my question from PTA and………..?
    i pray to my ALLAH that all PAKISTANI are not further affected from it.AAMIN
    My cell number is 00923005826923.

  71. salaam pplz
    i personaly fink dat dis may actually b true and i also fink if it was such a big matter dnt we all fink dat it shud b on da english nuz aswell nationwide?????

  72. What astonishes me about most of the comments is that hardly anyone is considering the lack of this news in the mainstream media as a sign of its falseness. Instead, they’re so convinced of its authenticity that they are wondering why the media isn’t showing it. Get a life everyone and more common sense.

  73. I want to comment on Umair Mursaleen From Nowshehra’s views. He calimed to have a proof, but did not mention what it was? In the proof, he repeated the same story of a friend or friend of a friend. Mursaleen Sahib, you seem to be an educated one. Mobile phone can either receive, or transmit some waves, which contain information. The waves which are received by the mobile set are already present around us, and what our mobile set does is that to sense them. So if they were dangerous, they would have harmed us without the set. For those waves, which are transmitted from the set could be only in the range of frequency which is pre-set for the set. It is still under research that the waves could be harmful to human health. There may be some bad effects of the waves on human health, but diffinitely they are not prompt, and even not known. Crystal oscillator being used in most of the mobile set can not generate frequency out of its designed range. To change the frequency of the oscillator, we need some change in the circuitery of the set, i.e. to increase of decrease the resistance, capacitance, inductance or any combination of 2 or more of them. Through software, it is only possible if there is some provision in the design. In simple wrods, we will say that through software, it would have been possible only if there were some extra impedences installed for such purposes. Certainly this is not the case, but on the contrary every company tries that its sets should have most stable features. What else could come out of a mobile set except the carrier wave for transmission, or the audible sound wave from speaker? Neither of them is possbile to be fatal for humans.
    Now Umair Mursaleen Sahib, if some thing is technically not possible, how can one beleive that your friend has been effected by such virus. I would have not believed even if you had mentioned that you yourself have been effected.
    For my religious brothers, I would just add that voice in audible range could be dangerous if its pitch is extremely high. Can you expect that from tiny speaker of mobile phone, there will emit such high pitch sound which will damage ear drums and even brains?
    We Pakistani people have a habit that we propagate false information and we without hesitation add our own false words or false experiences to prove that we know more than others.

  74. Hi Dear MObile Users
    Lesson It carefully the vius is 100 percent true because my brothe is infected by this viuse on 25th aprail 2007 and when he pick up the call at that time he is not understood anything and he is bahosh at that time but now he is in hospital and he is ok now
    and the number by which he is infected is this number 9888854137

  75. i am getting this call number +1939 on my mobile, i am not recieving because of Viruse issue.. please trace this number and save human of earth..
    best regards
    yours own
    naqvi sikander

  76. I live in Ghana West Africa and this so called hoax has begun to hit the streets. My network Areeba has told me that it is under investigation and that i should not pick up any strange calls with numbers such as 888, 899,988 etc. What a load of garbage. Surely Areeba must know this is a joke and not frighten the public like that.

  77. I am in wooster. This virus almost killed my friends salt101,poncta,crakk,blak,prof,pointblank,slow down……


  79. I Think is a Hoax. In Dubai also everybody started to telling this. If this true !!!!
    anyway good to avoid taking such call!!!!!

  80. everyone…if u say its a hoax…
    please write ur number on this page

  81. In response to Ali Zach Firshaik’s threat, I am writing my number below. Send me a call and kill me!!!!



  83. any virus cant damage human body through mobile call. mobile phones are designed for human voice (frequency range up to 4 KHz) and no frequency beyond this limit can travel on GSM system. The supported frequency range supported by GSM is only a part of audible range not even complete audible range. This type of msgs are floated (i think) by mobile operators. Can u imagine the number of SMS floated for this msg……even I received about 4 to 5 msgs about this. How much revenue mobile companies generated in 1 or 2 days……millions and billions of msgs were sent.
    Moreover, PTA clears it in and
    No technical person can believe on this.
    Junaid Farooqi.

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    I can not change the menu in Windows, it looks on new why that….
    Help to adjust… At me of a Window 98

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