Real life dog humor

A friend of mine went to talk to an infuriated customer who was fed up of the Internet issues he has been facing. He also happened to be South American and very hot-tempered. Though most of his speech was a tirade against my friend’s company and this country, this part stuck out and has been making the rounds around our group ever since:

Your engineers were all over my house. The best thing they could do was make my dog run away. In typical Pakistani fashion, they left the door open.

If the thought of his dog running away doesn’t tickle the funny bone, try imagining the customer running after it since that’s exactly what he did.

It was only me who ran after the dog. I had to chase him all over before bringing it back.

It is kind of sad that there is not much that a customer, especially a foreigner, can do about such things in this country, but it was funny nonetheless.

3 thoughts on “Real life dog humor

  1. funny but i cant think of a single south american country which can claim to be any better then pakistan

  2. mujhe booooooot pesho ki zaroorat hai please 2nd ka akra send ker dain mere e-mail addresse per
    thaks app ka booot shukria

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