Crash boom bang

My last major car accident happened about 2 and a half years ago (the truck or its driver were never caught) and since then, I have learned to drive a lot faster, yet more carefully, avoiding even small brushes (though a couple of people with brakes worse than mine have managed to bounce off the bumper a couple of times). But, if you don’t go looking for trouble, it can still come to you.

Last week I was in a meeting, with the car parked right outside the building, off the main road, when someone from downstairs called us to ask who the white Margalla belonged to. Turned out that some crazy driver had smashed into it and had then promptly disappeared. When I checked, the car had been hit from behind, moved it’s full length forward (despite the handbrake and gears in a non-neutral position) and had just missed hitting the huge power transformer and boundary wall outside the building. The car’s bumper and trunk were both smashed in.

There isn’t anything you can really do about such a hit and run incident. Nobody saw the perpetrator and even if they did, I doubt they would get involved. Calling the police would mean having your own car impounded as evidence and a number of trips to the station and courts just to get it back.

My only satisfaction was that a small, cheap car would not have survived to do a runner after such a hit. It had to have been a big, expensive one with a low front since the nameplate and lights were unscathed. That should cost the idiot much more than what he/she would have had to pay me.

Sorry, no photos this time. Haven’t gotten used to using my phone camera due to its low quality and the work required to touch up the resulting images. Have already sent the car in for a remake and it should be as good as new in a month or so. And whoever you are, I hope the repairs cost you an arm and a leg. If you had just owned up to it, I may have let you off easy. Now prepare to suffer. My curses can be pretty effective.

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