Crops in the midst

I was taking a walk with my brother and cousin near my house yesterday and decided to do a little exploration. Soon we entered a previously unexplored neighbourhood and found this crop field surrounded by houses. It looked beautiful and eery at the same time (pics courtesy of the P990i I just blogged about).

Crops in the middle of houses

I don’t know what crop it was (barley maybe?), but the stems were so tall and dense in some places that it reminded me of the Velociraptor scene from the Jurrasic Park movie.

Path around the crops

5 thoughts on “Crops in the midst

  1. Malaika, thanks for your post. I really like your blog.

    This is close to the Islamabad airport. Around the “Kuri Road” area. Most of it used to be farmland earlier, but I think only this patch still remains.

  2. nice view
    its corn field … from the pictures it looks like its corn and it will take 2 more months to flourish completely and give corn 😉

  3. No, Victor. Not yet. Crop circles may only be formed when the stars are right and the girl is willing. Besides, I doubt anyone will be able to spot such a small patch. A cross-burning session might have better impact.

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