IPv6 migration plan

An engineer from the Internet Engineering Task Force has formulated a plan for the transition to IPv6 from the current IPv4 standard. According to the plan, we’ll have IPv6-only networks by 2011. However, judging by the lukewarm interest so far from major players and the lack of any way to enforce such standards on the Internet, this will likely be another disappointment.

Ever since I launched my IPv6 site, Showmyip6, there have been accesses from only 18 IPv6 addresses, as opposed to hits from more than 200 IPv4 ones. That doesn’t look so bad, but remember that this is a site designed specifically for IPv6 visitors.

Reading the comments on Slashdot etc., Asia seems to be the likely candidate for the push towards IPv6 due to its limited v4 addresses. It seems that certain universities in the States have more IPs assigned to them than the whole of Asia.