Office humor

Real life is sometimes a lot funnier than fiction. There were two recent incidents that will continue to amuse us for a while.

Today’s incident was related to the torrent of rain we experienced this morning. One of my engineers got his feet wet on the way to the office and went to the rooftop to dry out his shoes and socks. Just as he had laid his socks to rest, a crow came flying out of nowhere and disappeared with one of the socks. He will thus be remembered as the “one-sock spartan” (“spartan” is his Counter-Strike nick).

The other day, I accompanied another colleague of mine to the ATM, just outside the office. He went in and came out after a while, half cracking up, half blushing. Apparently, he had decided to use the peace and solace of the ATM (as well as the lengthy processing time) to practice his Musharraf impersonation routine. And trust me, he’s loud.

We know they have a camera in ATMs, but they can’t hear you right? So you should be able to say pretty much anything in there. What my friend said can be nicely translated into, “Cut the crap, give me the damn money”.

Just then, he noticed that the “wall” of the ATM was just a very thin partition, separating it from the rest of the bank and in this partition was a small opening. Through this could be seen a rather shocked lady, petrified at the obscenities she had just heard. He won’t be banking with them again.

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